This is the second inspection Dan has performed for us & I would gladly recommend him to anyone/everyone looking to buy a house!!
  - M.B.

Dan was professional and thorough with the property. His inspection exceeded our (already high) expectations. We learned a lot from his inspection, and he took the time to explain everything along the way. Dan did an awesome job. Not only did Dan take the time to go through the home carefully, he also put together an inspection report that was over a hundred pages with pictures throughout. The report itself explained all the issues from safety problems, to repairs we need to make immediately or later.
  - J.L.

Dan, Thank you for the best inspection that I have ever seen. You surpassed all my expectations... Thank you...
  - A.M.

Dan got to the property ahead of our agreed upon meeting time to get a head start, and he already picked up a few things that needed attention. He was extremely thorough, checking every detail down to the smallest item. His report was thorough and very clear, and he was available by phone and email to answer my questions. He made me very comfortable that I was buying a great property. His very thorough punch list was handled by the builder. This alone saved us a bundle. We hired him to return for a follow-up visit 1 week prior to closing when he confirmed that most but not all of the punch list items were addressed, which we took back to the builder to have corrected. He also helped to figure out how to diagnose a potentially serious issue with water leakage in the basement, which we would never have known how to figure out ourselves. His advice gave us considerable leverage with the builder, and ultimately the problem was solved, mainly due to his suggestions. We found him extremely thoughtful and pleasant, and with considerable expertise.
  - A.G.

Very professional, knowledgeable; the inspection was very well done.
  - Z.Y.

Very thorough and efficient, very personable and easy to understand.
  - S.B.

Within the past month, we have placed bids on two separate properties we were interested in. The thoroughness of the inspection was eye-opening and greatly appreciated as it turned up multiple issues that would have made the house prohibitively expensive to purchase and repair (extensive knob & tube wiring, ancient heating system, unique windows all in desperate need of restoration). During the process, Dan carefully explained what he was doing, what he was seeing and what impact his discoveries could have (structurally, electrically, heating, safety, etc.). His written report was submitted to us electronically within 48 hours. It was as professional a review of the property as I think anyone could expect (80 pages including detailed photographs of all trouble spots) and helped us to decide to keep looking. This week, Dan came to inspect the latest home on which we placed a bid. Again, it was a thorough inspection, very detailed and the report, complete with detailed photos, was in our hands within a day. The thoroughness of the inspection turned up eminently fixable issues, but nothing constituting a deal-breaker. His inspection reassured us so we are moving ahead with the purchase.
 - J.F.
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